[3], Viper has displayed an ability to swallow large objects, akin to the abilities of her species.[7]. But when it seemed like they had won, Tai Lung reappeared again and performed a nerve attack on four of the Five (Viper included) — only sparing Crane so he would be able to carry the rest of them back to the palace in means of a message. She appeared at the start in Po's dream, facing a group of bandits alongside the other members of her team. Cinderella | Hunter | The Art of Kung Fu Panda; The Art of Kung Fu Panda 2; The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3; The Tao of Po; Kung Fu Panda #1; Tales of the Dragon Warrior #1; Art of Balance; Kung Fu Panda (manga) >> more...- … However, when a gorilla challenged him and shattered his poisonous fangs with his armor, Viper immediately raced to his rescue and used her swift ribbon dancing skills to defeat the gorilla. Kolivan | Sid | Viper states to Po about his "daddy issues". Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III | Sandy Crood | Fowler | She also tries to break up a fight between Tigress and Po, even trying to tell Po to stay down after being knocked down by Tigress. Biographical info Viper fighting the gorilla bandit with her dancing ribbon. In the second film, Viper is first seen with the Five watching Po consume as many bean buns as he could fit in his mouth; after Po succeeded in this challenge, Viper fainted from the terror she witnessed. Like the rest of the Five, Viper greatly respects Shifu as her master and is an obedient student. Coran | Hope Betterman | $14.98. ... Viper must have had similar thoughts, because she had came to her room a few minutes later, and wanted to ask her something. Toby Domzalski | Shifu, Viper, and the other Five watched as Po opened the scroll, and Viper appeared just as confused as everyone when he said it was blank. Vipers move only slightly to avoid attacks, which miss by inches. She is voiced by Lucy Liu who also voiced Silvermist and Jessica DiCicco as younger who also voiced Flame Princess, Lexi Bunny, Maggie Pesky, Malina, Lynn Loud Jr. and Lucy Loud. She asked if he was ready, and Po barely had time to confirm before she flung him into the air and slammed him down again, apologizing immediately afterwards, saying that she thought that Po was ready, only to be told by Po that the hit was "awesome". This turns out to be very bad for the Five, who sustain numerous injuries thanks to a combination of Po's horrible teaching and the newly upgraded Training Hall; Viper is struck by Crane whilst navigating the Seven Talon Rings and is left wrapped around one of the wooden croc training dummies, though she still manages to gasp out words of encouragement to Po. Books The sparring ended with Po being knocked into the training course, and his following ordeal ended in him being burned in the same course Viper was training in minutes earlier, much to her horror. Lucy Liu (Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness) … Along with the other four members of the same group she is a master of the Kung Fu martial art, restricted mainly in the snake style. Noticing Po's tenacity and gaining some respect for him, Viper silenced Mantis with a hiss when he commented on Po's "bouncing" down the stairs. She is a member of the Furious Five, a group of kung fu masters under the guidance of Master Shifu . I meant that if I were doing Kung Fu Panda comics, they would be alternate adaptations to episodes of the Legends of Awesomeness series with a few original stories that even give Viper a little more focus Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 American computer-animated action comedy martial arts film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures. When the group, hidden inside a Chinese dragon costume, witness the wolves' brutal treatment of the peasants But when her father was confronted by a gorilla bandit who attacked the village and used venom-proof armor to shatter the great master's poison fangs, Viper, hearing he was in trouble, raced to help him. To make her father smile, Viper took up ribbon dancing, blossoming into a very graceful dancer, though this only seemed to mildly please the old snake. Short Fuse | A set of 4 Kung Fu Panda plush toys: Po, Master Viper, Master Tigress and Tai Lung. When Viper was born, Great Master Viper was relieved to finally have a child to continue his legacy as a warrior, but was taken aback to see Viper was born without venomous fangs, believing she could not become a warrior without them. Viper Thus, her father's legacy was secure with his daughter becoming a mighty warrior on her own terms. Merlin | Dozer | While the others cheer him on, Viper cringed in terror and actually fainted when Po succeeds in his stunt. | She did this in battle with Tai Lung[9] and with a wolf in the second film. The Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior Po, the Viper Clan During the battle, Viper used a technique called "Puppet of Death", in which she used her snaky body to control the arms of an unconscious wolf while Tigress carried her. Astrid Hofferson | Kung Fu Panda 4 will see returning of actors like Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Bryan Cranston, Dustin Hoffman and Seth Rogen. Donkey | Their training was cut short, however, when Master Oogway had a troubling vision: Tai Lung would return to the Valley of Peace. Viper is one of the primary protagonists in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. This is shown when several of Shen's wolves fire arrows at the Five and she coils around each of them, and also manages to avoid and counter a wolf's attempt to hit her with a mace. Shen's Parents | In keeping with the Snake Style, Viper is lightning fast, often using her snaky body to wrap around and overpower her foes. Bumpy, See Also Mac | Brimming with cheeriness and positivity, Viper likes to make sure that everyone is happy — and if that means she has to battle a horde of rampaging rhinos using her lightning quick moves and strong as steel tail, she's happy to do so with a smile.[6]. This turns out to be very bad for the Five, who sustain numerous injuries thanks to a combination of Po's horrible teaching and the newly upgraded Training Hall; Viper is struck by Crane whilst navigating the Seven Talon Rings and is left wrapped around one of the wooden croc training dummies, though she still manages to gasp out words of encouragement to Po. However, the trio and Mantis were rejected by Shifu, who had sent Tigress to find four trained Kung fu masters, something she had failed to do because of the accident. Secrets of the Furious Five (young)Kung Fu Panda HolidaySecrets of the Scroll (younger) $1.76 + shipping . Grace Wain | Voiced by Jack Black, the titular panda learns kung fu from Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) and battles a number of threats over the course of his three-movie journey. Viper and the rest of the Five understood Po's decision, and they all decided to join Po at the Noodle Shop. Fishlegs Ingerman | [His stomach belches and the Furious Five stare at him; embarrassed]That was my... fist. For children over 4 years old. Media info When first meeting Po, she was hesitant of the panda's capabilities as the Dragon Warrior, though the kindest and most welcoming to him of the Five. Yocheved | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And when Po emerged out of the water, Viper then jumps to hug Po, along with Mantis and Monkey. Jim Lake Jr. | master. In the first film, she and the rest of the Five were often met with stern demands and criticisms by the master, such as his pointing out to Viper about her failure with "subtlety". She also cares greatly about Po's well being, shown in the first film when she worries that he's "just going to get himself killed", and in the sequel, when she was worried that Po was injured after the Boss Wolf hit him. It … Catra | Master(s) Claire Nuñez | Delta Dawn | Oh | Viper then happily watched the fireworks along with all of her friends. Charlie | Along with the other four members of the same group she is a master of the Kung Fu martial art, restricted mainly in the snake style. Z 4195 | When Viper was too timid to attend the Moon Festival, her mother stayed at her side to comfort her, and called her back when the young snake left after hearing her father was in danger. Viper is a green tree snake who is a member of the Furious Five and a major supporting character in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Guy | Viper is the character who serves as Kung Fu Panda’s representation of Snake Style. Zuba | Mr. Peabody | It takes a cool head and warm heart to stand by conflicts. When the group hid inside a Chinese dragon costume and witnessed the wolves' brutal treatment of the city's residents, Viper's face was shown to be openly horrified. It is an animated action-comedy film series, involving martial arts, Kung Fu. Branch | RARE Kung Fu Panda Master Viper Snake Figure 7” Long, 2008 McDonalds Bends. In defiance of the villainous stereotype of snakes, Master Viper is the most charming, kind, compassionate, and sweetest of the Five, as demonstrated with her quickly developing empathy for Po as his indomitable tenacity became obvious. Viper's first appearance in the film is when Shifu announces his retirement as a kung fu teacher and hands over responsibilities to Po. That night, while traveling up to the student barracks, the Five mocked Po over his lack of ability to do kung fu. FightingTraining It was directed by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne and produced by Melissa Cobb, and stars the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Randall Duk Kim, James … Author's Note: If you haven't seen the episode Serpent's Pass this story may confuse you. | Tai Lung's Backstory. Eventually however, her father was eventually attacked by an unnamed gorilla bandit who seemed to have the upper advantage over him. Cooper | Brooklynn | The Kung Fu Panda franchise primarily tells the story of a character, Po, whose destiny is to become a kung fu hero. King Peppy | Scorpia | They decided to destroy his arsenal of cannons by blowing up the cannon foundry. Learn more. It was that night, for the first time ever, she acknowledged the feelings she had for Po to the first person besides herself. Lady Tottington | The next morning, it appeared as though Po had quit, but when Shifu and the Five enter the training courtyard, they were surprised to find that not only had Po not quit, he had arrived there first. That night, after Po humiliated himself in front of the Five, they began gossiping over his lack of ability in the art of kung fu. Lenny | While her teammates were too afraid to stop Tigress from fighting with the panda, Viper tried to plead with her and warned Po to stay down when he was beaten. Miguel | After defeating several boar bandits, Viper (along with the rest of the Furious Five) was shocked to find out that Po was going to be hosting the formal Winter Feast dinner at the Jade Palace. Viper and the rest of the Five at the Dragon Warrior Tournament. Viper and her friends were first seen in the Training Hall, staring in awe at Po as he performed the feat of stuffing as many bean buns in his mouth as he can fit. Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, Shorts, Television and Video Games Everest | Viper's village (previously)The Jade Palace in the Valley of Peace Light Fury | Archie | The Five each told about their grieving experience and defeat, which placed doubt into Po when he realized that not even his idols, five kung fu masters, could stop Tai Lung. Shifu and Po had just finished another day's worth of extensive training when they finally returned, Crane exhausted and the others paralyzed. The Viper is about 8 inches in length. With her warm and understanding personality, she often acts out as peace-bringer between the diversely different personalities of the Five. Voiced most times by Lucy Liu. RARE Kung Fu Panda Master Viper Snake Figure 7” Long, 2008 McDonalds Bends. Her ability to contort into any shape makes her nearly impossible to hit. While originally only a 2D release during its 2008 theatrical run, Dreamworks Animation later produced a 3D version. 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